Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am an avid collector of good cover songs and I have built quite a playlist of them. If anyone who bothers to read this stumbles across a good cover song, please be kind and send them my way

Thnks Bunches,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drawing Final: Spring 09

 Portrait on nine sheets of about 12x12 paper and one 15x20
Sorry about crappy wall, but I was in a rush
Johnny Cash
Assignment was to find an image and draw it in a grid. One piece should be larger than the rest.
Close up on largest piece.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Summer, Oh Bummer

Yes, this very night
A overwhelming wave of melancholy crashed against my fragile frame
And I believe I stood with open arms
Welcoming the tidal wave of crushing emotions
I divulge in literature and writing to occupy my mind but
I have developed a longing for a girl
Who fascinates me more than any other
Yet, who I feel like I only know by the narrowest of margins
Again, typical me
So, the expanse of music collection mirrors my emotions
Throwing at me the sappiest of songs I sometimes forget could bring me to tears
Blah Blah Blah
Oh, and here is my favorite bit
It is completely impossible to know if my feelings of almost deep infatuation are felt in return by said young woman
I guess it isn't the improbable cause of my lack of inspiration, huh?

Oh, and Venn Diagrams!
Lately, these devices of comparison have made frequent appearances in my sketchbook
They seem natural
Organic, if you will
Great, another sad sad song
Only in the summer do I feel this way

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seventy-Six Days Plus

God, these hunger pangs
No socks
No shirt
Solitary light seeping from the refrigerator
Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry
Inaudible breathing in the upper levels of the edifice
I hate writing like this

A lone tear fell when my eyes fell upon this house
I said to myself
These people do not know me
As much as they believe they do
And I lack the adroitness to tell them as such
And no longer do I find comfort in my old allies
We share no common ground
"Yo, you hear that new Gucci?"
"No, but lately my migraines have grown past the level of incapacitating"
" wanna hear that Gucci or what?"
I guess one could say I've been dreaming of freedom again.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I came to, ears still ringing from the night before
Rolling out of a bed that is not my own
I grab my dirty shoes and worn flannel shirt
Stumbling torpidly toward the front door in a semi-hypnotic state of subconsciousness
I am deathly silent
I am inches away from the exit
Inches away from disappearing without making a sound
A sudden movement in my peripheral vision
"You're leaving."
"Yeah, I'm going to do work"
I am given looks of uncertainty and despondency
"Okay...well I'll see you at some point"

Is it wrong, when one knows his heart is elsewhere, to try to give affection to another?
In that very room
Tucked in a blanket
Uncomfortable with the adjacent situation
I find it hardly fathomable that the mind and heart
can ever concur
They are of opposite poles