Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Summer, Oh Bummer

Yes, this very night
A overwhelming wave of melancholy crashed against my fragile frame
And I believe I stood with open arms
Welcoming the tidal wave of crushing emotions
I divulge in literature and writing to occupy my mind but
I have developed a longing for a girl
Who fascinates me more than any other
Yet, who I feel like I only know by the narrowest of margins
Again, typical me
So, the expanse of music collection mirrors my emotions
Throwing at me the sappiest of songs I sometimes forget could bring me to tears
Blah Blah Blah
Oh, and here is my favorite bit
It is completely impossible to know if my feelings of almost deep infatuation are felt in return by said young woman
I guess it isn't the improbable cause of my lack of inspiration, huh?

Oh, and Venn Diagrams!
Lately, these devices of comparison have made frequent appearances in my sketchbook
They seem natural
Organic, if you will
Great, another sad sad song
Only in the summer do I feel this way

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