Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Six More Days at the Bottom of the Ocean

Violet-black skies linger over head
I see her everywhere
Apparitions of that face surrounding me,
There and there,
Here and here 

Spring arrives and astonishment ensues
Petals adhered to the wet, cement stairs
Yet, the formality of it all is profound

Just then, the Great Star crawled over the horizon
but my intentions are flawed
Just as they were when you knew me

Those trees are dampened with the dew of daybreak
and I think I own too many readings on the local flora and fauna
Names and names of things I have yet to encounter

This wind is whipping far to violently for me to bear today
Shake off the dust from my trusty, five-year-old windbreaker
grab my camera
and get a late start on an early day

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