Saturday, April 11, 2009

Helplessness Hood

This was an Elements of Visual Thinking project. The assignment was to engage a space (that space being the classroom) so that it is changed from its normal function. I used this canvas hood to blind me of sight, smell and a bit of hearing and I also vowed silence so that I was completely vulnerable to the outside world. I let the class do what they pleased with me. The real point of this hood was to show how humans act when given power and how, in most instances, the power is abused. I was lead into walls, objects were thrown at me, I was taunted and overall, I was used as an object of amusement. 


  1. This is really great keith. Perfectly exemplifying the abuse of those without (senses, control, power, voice). You cannot be engaged without these things in our modern context. Excellent piece. Do you think you'll explore this concept further?

  2. Absolutely. I was amazed at the amount of conversations this stirred up in my class (i.e. this hood's relevance to that of the KKK or relevance to bondage). I would like to take this much further or at least perfect what I already have, but I am not sure how I will execute it just yet. I'll give it some thought