Monday, February 9, 2009

The Artist's Warning!

Don't push an artist because we already live close to the edge!! LEARN YOUR LIMITS!! Appreciate the art because if we didn't CREATE the SHIT that you LOVE you would stand TRAPPED in a BLAND WORLD! DON'T JUDGE US! DON'T QUESTION US! DON'T CRITICIZE US! It takes a lot to OPEN our HEARTS and POUR ourselves to you! My WORLD is not the SAME as your world. I have seen SHIT that you would NEVER understand and if you saw it you'd KILL yourself! I FEEL PAIN that you'd never be able to TOLERATE! I don't always SMILE because I'm HAPPY, sometimes I just smile because it FEELS great! We don't have to do what we do! We are giving out gifts for free! Merry Fucking Christmas!! Don't complain about a GIFT! Consider yourself LUCKY, and consider yourself WARNED!  

1 comment:

  1. yeah man
    keep posting its a good outlet
    i know you have a lot going on upstairs
    just like me