Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Seed

I've been missing
And I suppose you can call it living
Who's to say?
Shit, you could say things are just fine, and I'm just fine and when I'm gone, my bones and skin will turn, again, to dirt and the earth will continue to spin on its axis
Everything is so simple. See?
I remember the manner in which she clenched her teeth
My lip lodged somewhere in between
And I pressed her spine parallel to the wall
and went after her, I was a lion
She would taste my lust
the way I regurgitated it outside two houses prior
"Call me"
She'd say and I wouldn't
Even though I would want to
I went there because I could, because I wanted to be lost
but in a physical sense, not the way I'd always known myself to feel, inside me

And the following moment?
how to condense it?
I was discovered
The headlights blinding my animal eyes
What was I to say?
My synapses never connected
and in an instant, in a moment I would not remember, all that I had worked to protect was away from me
Oh, no
Oh well

There is a story here that has yet to spawn
and I suppose when it does, it'll be as insufficient and fleeting
I guess loneliness is too far gone, repentance too insufficient

There is something to be said about trauma or the lack thereof
Sometimes it is a thing to laugh about, with solace, in the security of aftermath
Comfort in stability

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